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Take Root's Mission Statement:

The purpose of this corporation shall be to provide opportunities of dance and multi-media art, to connect with the community, contribute to the intellectual and artistic life of any community we encounter, and to broaden the artistic and intellectual scope of young through elderly, healthy through physically challenged people through the art of dance and movement.


Take Root will accomplish their mission by presenting performances held in concert halls, universities, museums and other alternative un-traditional spaces.  With the purpose of “connecting” people through movement and dance, Take Root will use their knowledge of dance and physical training to offer workshops and instruction to members of the community with physical boundaries and young aspiring artists, and generally promoting dance education and physical wellness.



Take Root is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. 

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of Take Root? Season sponsors receive complimentary tickets to performances, special access to Take Root events, social media shout outs and more! Donations of all amounts are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

How to become a Take Root Sponsor:

Donate Online:

Follow the below link to donate to Take Root through our secure Donorbox page.


Donate through Mail:

Please fill out the sponsor form and mail to  Click on the icon below to access the sponsor form:



Contributions can be made by checks payable to Take Root, Inc. and mailed to:


Take Root Attn: Ali Woerner

School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Varner Hall, Room 207

371 Varner Dr.
Rochester MI 48309-4485



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