Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

Photos by Kelli Titus

All Dance For Parkinson's Disease Classes are canceled until further notice. 

We hope you are staying safe during this time. The Dance for Parkinson's Disease faculty miss you all dearly!

New Dance for Parkinson's Disease Class Video

Join us for a Dance for Parkinson's Disease class!

Take Root's Dance for Parkinson's Disease Program provides a safe and inclusive environment, welcoming ALL participants, care givers and spouses, using dance to impact the lives of others.

Dance for Parkinson's Disease participants will be empowered to explore movement and music in ways that are refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating and creative.  This class is an aesthetic experience that uses the elements of narrative, imagery, and community to develop artistry and grace while addressing such PD specific concerns as balance, flexibility, coordination, isolation and depression.  The classes engage participants' minds and bodies, and create an enjoyable, social environment that emphasizes dancing rather than therapy.  Active demonstration by professional dancers inspires participants to recapture grace, while guided improvisation fosters creativity, and experimentation with movement.

Class Schedule

Oakland University's Varner Hall Studio 132:

Saturdays from 11am - 12:00pm.

Please see below schedule for exact dates.

Upcoming Class Schedule at OU: 


One Ford Place

1 Ford Place Detroit, MI. 48202

Held in the Cafeteria on the 3rd Floor 

Free Parking in 3rd street parking lot

Mondays from 2:45-3:45

Contact Shawn Bennis for more info: 313-874-4520

Classes will be taught by Take Root Company Dancer and Dance for Parkinson’s Disease teacher, Brandon Koepsell.

Old Person's Commission (OPC)

Classes are held every Wednesday from

1pm - 2pm in the auditorium.

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Classes are held every Tuesday from 10:45am - 12pm.


Classes are taught by Take Root Rehearsal Director and Dance for Parkinson’s Disease teacher, Vivian Costello.

Are you interested in volunteering at our next class? Please click here to read about how to become involved as a volunteer!


Ali Woerner

Vivian Costello
Brandon Koepsell

Andie Stewart

Heidi Baginski

Miranda Viars


Dakota Gerhold    Katie Kirkum

      Riley McClain         Madeline Parker

For more information contact Dance for Parkinson's Disease Director Ali Woerner at

Dance for Parkinson's Disease classes made possible in part by the following:

An Anonymous Grant 

Oakland University Research Committee Research Award

Oakland University Senate Teaching and Learning Committee Educational Development Grant

The Brooksie Way Minigrant



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