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Through choreographic residencies, Take Root encourages young artists to offer their voices to the works created, leaving room within our process for new ideas and new approaches. 


Known for their non-traditional partnering techniques, Take Root applies these philosophies to each residency they encounter, giving young artists the medium to innovate new ways to move, relate and express with one another and their audiences.


Take Root has set work on student dance companies at Oakland University, Eastern Michigan University, Danza Universitaria UCR (University of Costa Rica), participated in Michigan Dance Day, Michigan Youth Arts Festival, and most recently performed and taught workshops in Seoul, South Korea as a participant of the New Dance for Asia International Festival. To bring Take Root to your University or High School program, please contact us

New Dance for Asia International Festival
August, 2015
Seoul, South Korea


Northwestern University
November 2014
Chicago, IL 


Oakland University
September 2013
Rochester Hills, MI 


Eastern Michigan University
August 2013 
Ypsilanti, MI 
Danza Universitaria UCR (University of Costa Rica)
July 2013 
Costa Rica
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